Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easy chocolate covered strawberries.

I had some strawberries and chocolate I needed to use up so I thought might as well do them tonight before I'm more behaved with what I eat during the week. :)  You can easily melt chocolate in a bowl in the microwave or in a double boiler, but I was able to find ready to dip chocolate already in the container and you just heat it up and DIP!. recipe as follows

Strawberries and Chocolate.

Warm up chocolate according to directions
Dip strawberry in chocolate mixture to cover 3/4 of the strawberry. Remove from chocolate and lay on wax paper.
 You can keep them like this or if you want to get fancy or in the mood for variety, warm up another flavor of chocolate like white, or milk. these we're dipped in dark chocolate.

Place the other flavor chocolate in a sandwhich bag and cut a small hole on the corner.

Drizzle chocolate on strawberries in a pattern you're happy with. Practice on the strawberries that didn't coat in chocolate well.

If you have time to get creative and make them pretty, alternate the coated chocolate and the drizzled chocolate. And there you go! People will think you spent so much time making these professional looking strawberries. :) ENJOY!!

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